Boom! Rocky Fi$her spins a wide variety of bass music genres: danceable electro, drum and bass, moombacore, drumstep, dubstep & trap. Rocky has played Sound Clash of the Titans 2011, The Lemonade Stand Stage at Sync Festival 2012, is a resident DJ for EPiC Thursdays at Club 23, a resident at The Astoria for DnB Sundays, and has played with such names as 1-up, Glitchy & Scratchy, Dangamouse, Myles Away, Abstrakt Sonance, Kaps Lock, Phyrfly, Hunter Green, Westerly, Frantiq, Briser Gonzalez, Goa Pete, Cannabinoid, Inject, Causai, Applecat, Elevenn Eiridian, MysKondukt, Eddie Shambles,Dan Snakehead, Double X, Elonious, Wobbelex, Ridylan, Katnip, and more.

Rocky has had one of her DJ mixes featured on Radio Toxic Saturday broadcast, has been featured on the now defunct “Canadian Female Fronted Bands” , has been booked for Karma Festival 2013 and is a DJ host at The Great Canadian Glass Gathering 2013. Creating mashups and live remixing, Rocky's shows weave a tapestry of genres and bring a vibrant energy and soulful mood. From playing sunny afternoon funk, reggae and dub for Vancouver Public Space Network by day, to rocking parties and clubs at night with banging electro and bass, Rocky is versatile and aims to please the crowd. Known for her colourful costumes and spirited performances, Rocky puts on a show that delights and entertains.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dan Snakehead Presents: DnB at The Astoria with Rocky Fisher, Phyrfly and Frantiq

We had to bring back Bleroy Clan's "Phyrfly Ninja" asap after a minor gear issue, this man is ready to school and I for one am stoked to see an original vinyl purist come throw down haaard. Props to him for being so easy going.

New to the family John "Frantiq" Sawa impressed Snakehead at Subliminal Saturdays @ the Den on Robson and has been invited to take the opening slot for this show. Huge energy, great tunes, not to be missed.

And returning as a headliner the adorable, the original, the unstoppable, Rocky Fisher is back to get the crowd drooling and moving to her sassy ways and shameless bass.

Round 6 is set to go off for the ever growing, new, and only by donation night in VanCity, D&B Sundays.

- Brought to you by Dan Snakehead

Frantiq 9-10:30pm

Phyrfly Ninja 10:30-12am

Rocky Fisher 12-1am

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rebass V2

Bio-Quantum Sound Crew is once again proud to present
"ReBass Version 0.2", a belated happy B-Day party for Karla
Escobar! Since ReBass V.1 went off with a bang, get
ready for a longer&later edition filled with Footwork,
Ragga-Jungle, Dubstep, Electro, Techno/breakcore & IDM. The
location is secret till the day of!(DownTown Vancouver) Call
info line day of!Or stay tuned to the event page for the release

Matt Tecson (Footwork/Jungle)

MysKondukt (Electro-Step/Jungle)
Don Juan (Dubstep/Electro/Jungle)

Hitori Tori (Breakcore/IDM)

ROCKY FI$HER (Dubstep)

Ridylan (Techno/IDM)

Don Juan
( surprise proto-set )

Visuals: VJ Low Vizual aka Flail

Direct link to flier;

(Smoking room provided)
Cover; Before 12am/$5 After 12am/$8

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Natural Progressions brings you Synchronicity Saturdays at The Den on Robson with Briser Gonzales, Rocky Fisher, Applecat, Elevenn Idirin

First off Happy New Year to all of you. =)

So it's time to roll once again and we just wanted to throw down some more awesome Talent your way.

Thank you all so much for the year that we have had @ SYNCHRONICITY SAT'S @ the Den.

So this year we thought weed be rolling a little Harder. with some of the sounds that we have been laying out for you all so far Ya that's right.

Vancouver has some really awesome talent in this city, it is our job to Bring to you Some of that DEEP ASS SHIT that we all love so much ( MINIMAL/TECHNO baaaaaaaaby. 


Originally from Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, Briser Gonzalez has brought an attractive Minimal sound to Vancouver's underground house and techno scene that takes the nightlife of the city to a new level. Gonzalez has used his drive and determination to quickly become an international DJ by the age of 28, already dominating dance floors in Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. With residencies at Vancouver's Lotus Sound Lounge, Redroom, as well as System Events, plus Mexico's Coco Maya and La Mezcalina, this young talent is already earning the respect and admiration of people all over the world.

Over the last five years, Briser has steadily gathered a devoted fan base of people who love their music dark, sexy and dirty. Starting off as an indie-electro DJ his track selection always brought a wild and seductive vibe that still resonates in his sound today. Briser has maturely evolved and is recognized for his captivating Minimal and Techno style that keeps bodies moving powerfully and emotions running high. His expressions of sound and masterful mixing skills come from within and can be truly felt by his listeners.

Gonzalez's experimental vision behind being more than just a club DJ sets him apart from other names in Vancouver. With his use of CDJs, vinyl, his combination of MIDI controllers with Traktor & Ableton Live and using Logic in his production side, he is a true mastermind in his electronic lab. Generating minimal grooves that are unique to Vancouver.

Gonzalez is influenced by dark, creative artists such as , Troy Pierce, Gaiser, Ricardo Villalobos, MINUS crew , Siceron.

As the force behind some of Vancouver's most underground parties, Gonzalez has a special connection with the AFTERHOURS crowd and will be bringing the population an exciting new project, UNDER G, to continue raising the bar not only in Vancouver's nightlife scene, but across the globe.

Derek Michaels - ( Natural Progressions )

Derrick Vnuk - (Natural Progressions / Symbiant)

Jorge Meraz - ( Psyon )

( ROOM - 2 )


Elevenn Iridian 

ROCKY FI$HER (dubstep - EPiC)

By day, Rhiannon Rose runs Ignite Smoke Shop, a proud purveyor of paraphernalia for Vancouver's favourite pastime. By night, she is Rocky Fi$her, proud purveyor of all things BASS! As a resident DJ for EPiC Thursdays at Club 23 and more recently for Double X's Bass Life underground parties, Rocky Fi$her is certain to blow minds (but hopefully not speakers) with her high-energy tracks.

Giving an experience of sound and feeling. An awakening. Making mashups and live remixing, Rocky weaves the grimiest of beats and mixes a wide breadth of genres. Moombacore, Electro, Midtempo, Drumstep, Dubstep, midtempo, trap and drum and Bass. Basically if it is grimy as fuck and atmospherically taking you to the next level emotionally and spiritually, Rocky is playing it. Known for her thomping beats and heavy basslines, Rocky's shows are sure to please. Rocky has played with such names as 1-up, Glitchy & Scratchy, Dangamouse, Myles Away, Cannabinoid, Goa Pete, Inject, Elonious, Wobbelix, Aristotle Punk, Shamanoid, and Double X.

Jacy Meraz aka PsyKat

( Visuals By Ryan Clark )

Deco by - Anja

Jacy Meraz - (Psyon)

This is just a little some thing for now more info and flyers coming soon =))))


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dan Snakehead presents DnB Sundays at The Astoria -- Double X, Rocky Fi$her and Phyrfly Ninja

Ding, Ding! Round two off to a quick start already with local heroes "DOUBLE X" taking the headlining slot of this second installation of D in your B, backed by the stunning Rocky Fisher and her patent brand of death defying bass as well as Phyrfly Ninja of the BleRoy Clan, this night will be one for the books. The week before with headliner Eddie Shambles Martel, Metrognome, and Dj XClaim was a great start off for the freshest new night in Vancouver. The momentum continues to build in to what promises to be the best Sunday destination since free champagne & pillow fight night at the Cecil (another Snakehead brain child from the Ministry of Sound days with JVG). Come sweat out the guilt of the weekend and flush that blood out of your alcohol stream. Dark, Dirty, Dingy, Grimey, Bass for your face Vancouver. Brought to you by Dan Snakehead.

Double X 12-2am

Rocky Fisher 1030-12

Phyrfly Ninja 9-1030***DOUBLE-X***-Rocky-Fisher-Phyrfly-Ninja/459654894081693

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Attack Release presents: Temple of Boom

From Underground Party Network:

"Fuck yeah, this party's going to be AWESOME! The Attack/Release crew, headed by Owen from VUPN and assisted by yours truly, is putting on a wild psychedelic dance party including everything from house, techno, psytrance and a touch of dubstep. Come have your mind blown and make some new friends! The party will be held at a secret location near Broadway and Ontario from 9PM-late.

It will be worth the price of admission alone to hear my top four favourite local DJs play - Rob from VUPN and Zareh from Open Dex are debuting their new house duo Near Me, and Caleb and Austin from Subversive will be playing another fantastic hard-hitting set of tech house as Fox & Phillips. Owen from VUPN will play his second ever DJ set as Captain Hoser. Add in what will definitely be stellar sets from the highly-recommended full band Inject and DJs Cannabinoid, Goa Pete and Technobear, as well as the reportedly great Full On and Rocky Fi$her, and... wow! Is it too early to put this in serious contention for the best party of 2013?!! I don't think so! :)

Let's meet inside by the coat check at 10PM, 12AM, and 2AM - I definitely recommend coming right when the doors open at 9PM for maximum house-y grooviness. As always, I'll be blonde-haired and likely plaid-claid, and will give my cell number out to those that RSVP in case you can't find the group/party."

This is a 19+ event, IDs will be checked at the door. The party is taking place at a secret location near Broadway and Ontario. The address will be on the tickets; I will also send out the exact address to those that RSVP.

Tickets are $15 in advance from Ignite Smoke Shop, Highlife Records, and Vancity Glass Galleries - or online at Goa Trancemission. Tickets will also be available at the door for $20.

See you there!
It is the dead of winter. A passing traveller, walking along a desolate road in the dark of night, comes upon a strange sound. Deep, pounding, and resonating like a magical drum, it continues at a frantic pace. As the traveller approaches closer, the sound seems to be coming from some kind of ancient brick structure. The traveller ascends the stairs to enter. What kind of wonders await inside… THE TEMPLE OF BOOM!

Yep, Attack/Release is back! After packing into a little spot in industrial East Van back in October, we return to a much bigger room in the heart of the city. The genre bending continues, with a mix of Vancouver's finest techno, breaks, psy and bass. We'll have visuals to dazzle your eyes and sounds that will shake you down to your core.

This will be my last party I throw for a while, since I'm leaving for a shipboard gig in the Carribean at the end of January. I hope to see lots of my Vancouver friends here, and I'm other Attack/Release friends will keep you dancing until I return in August. Remember… be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!

Peace and love,
Captain Hoser

Saturday, January 19th 2013 / 9pm / 114 W. Broadway / 19+ (no outside drinks allowed!)

$15 advance from
Ignite Smoke Shop - 109 W. Cordova St. (778) 786-0977
Highlife Records - 1317 Commercial Dr. (604) 251-6964
Vancity Glass Galleries - 3553 Main St. (778) 938-8857
New Amsterdam Cafe (weekend evenings) - 301 W. Hastings St. (604) 682-8955
or one of us
and online at

$20 at the door

visuals by ILIA SOSNER

INJECT (live PA breaks - Tribal Harmonix)

Peter "Fish" Fisera performed live techno/breaks as Transgress at the last Attack/Release party, and we're stoked to have him back along with Amrit Basi (drums) and Jamie Lubiner (guitar/synth)! Using conventional instrumentation, Inject improvises continuous, groove-based music seamlessly blending elements of dubstep, jazzbient, trip-hop, breaks, drum and bass, trance, house, and previously unnamed and undiscovered flavours of electronic music. Usually dance-oriented and always experimental, Inject have packed dance floors since 2000 and have totally freaked out jaded "I've seen it all" music fans.

CANNABINOID (live PA breaks - VIM Records, Red Robot Records, BeLeaf)

Fusing elements of progressive, tribal, goa, electro, breakbeats and techno, on top of driving, funky drums, Cannabinoid is an all-robot funk band, fronted by a circuit-bent NES console. The breakbeat recording project of Vancouver producer/DJ Laurent Boucher, Cannabinoid pushes boundaries with regards to genre and style, while retaining a characteristic sound of heavy drums, funky percussion, grinding bass and 8-bit acid.

GOA PETE (goa psy - Goa Trance Mission)

Goa Pete's quest for the greatest psytrance has taken him from New Delhi to the beaches of Goa in the early '90s all the way to Vancouver in 2001, where he now DJ's and promotes for the psy collective Goa Trance Mission. I first met him at KARMA, Goa Trance Mission's magnificent three day, three stage psychedelic festival in a mountain valley near Pemberton. His late night sets will take you to new places within the depths of your mind and beyond!

ROCKY FI$HER (dubstep - EPiC)

By day, Rhiannon Rose runs Ignite Smoke Shop, a proud purveyor of paraphernalia for Vancouver's favourite pastime. By night, she is Rocky Fi$her, proud purveyor of all things BASS! As a resident DJ for EPiC Thursdays at Club 23 and more recently for Double X's Bass Life underground parties, Rocky Fi$her is certain to blow minds (but hopefully not speakers) with her high-energy tracks.

FULL ON (full on psy - East Village Factory)

If you've spent much time in Vancouver's psy scene, you know Rob Full On. With his signature furry hat, Full On can be found at Organix and other dance floors around Vancouver kicking things to a whole new level. He and Goa Pete have been super helpful in making this event happen!

TECHNOBEAR (techno - Haus Uv Freeks, Attack/Release)

Back by popular demand! Years ago, a bear cub named Kyle wandered into the city of Vancouver. He went miraculously unnoticed until he was discovered by a pack of wild ravers somewhere in the middle of East Van. They raised him, taught him how to play Nintendo, dance and eventually DJ. The bear quickly became a dance floor sensation, where he was given the righteous name of TECHNOBEAR!

FOX & PHILLIPS (techno/house - Subversive, 4Corners)

Caleb Fox and Austin Phillips are all over Vancouver's underground techno and house scenes as members of Subversive, a production crew that features avant house, deep high-tech soul and ethereal space techno. They've also played at some of Vancouver's top electronic venues like Lotus, Open Studios, Box Studios, Franklin Room and the Anza Club (Open Dex). They've recently teamed up to work with some other close friends as 4Corners, in addition to playing with Subversive.

NEAR ME (house/techno - Low Motion, VUPN)

Rob Caruk is part of Low Motion, a collection of music enthusiasts and DJ's who specialize in the deep and grooving side of house. He and Zareh have played together at Oepn Dex and other housey nights around the city. Rob is also a co-organizer for the Vancouver Underground Party Network, a meetup for Vancouver's electronic music community that brought out lots of cool people to the last Attack/Release party.

CAPTAIN HOSER (hoser - Attack/Release)

Some of you may have seen me play my first DJ set ever at the last Attack/Release party. Well, this one's gonna be totally different! Expect trippiness and funkiness.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

420 Flea Market

I DJed this event. 

From 24 hrs:

"420 Flea Market & Christmas Craft Show

If your a medical cannabis user and searching for the next new cannabis activity Vancouver’s new 420 Flea Market is the place to be. Now there’s no need to wait until spring. All your favorite Vendors, Bakers, Artists and Glass Blowers will be there under one roof. The event will run on Sunday Dec 16th from noon until 6:00pm. This event is open to all Federal Exemption Patients, Compassion Club Members and anyone over 18yrs."
From The Georgia Straight:
"Medical-cannabis users, federal-exemption patients, Compassion Club members, and anyone over 18 is welcome at this event that includes vendors, bakers, artists, and glass blowers.
Tix $2 at the door"

Friday, November 16, 2012

Double X Presents: Bass Life with Wobbelix, Rocky Fisher, Eddie Shambles and more

are you ready for another BASS filled night of epic Dj's Jello and awsome peeps tearing up the dance floor having a good time alll faking night long ! DOUBLE X brings you another EPIC night at A Fresh new indoor spot !!! ONLY $5 at the DOOR for all night party with some great Dj,s !!! dont miss this p.s. 19+ BYOB!!!!!

------------------------Dj Line Up--------------------

10:00 - 11:00 -- Big T

11:00 - 12:00 -- Rocky Fi$her

12:00 - 1:00 -- Voidizm

1:00 - 1:45 -- Scott James (DOUBLE X)

1:45 - 2:30 -- Bruce Canon (DOUBLE X)

2:30 - 3:30 -- WOBBELIX

3:30 - 4:30 -- Eddie Shambles

4:30 - 5:30 -- Red Fox